#1 Art Nouveau Tour in Budapest

In my first Art Nouveau tour in Budapest, I would like to introduce you how the style itself came around not just in Hungary, but also internationally; the main goal is to familiarize you with the concept.


The six legs of our tour are as follows:

  • Four Seasons (Gresham Palace) – inside view
  • Hungarian House of Secession – inside view
  • Walkó House – oustide view
  • Hungarian State Treasury (Royal Postal Savings Bank) – inside view (outside view on Saturdays)
  • Ráth György Villa (the most beautiful Art Nouveau museum of Budapest) – inside view
  • Kőrössy Villa (a former upper middle class Art Nouveau villa next to the city park) – outside view

What could be a better example of Art Nouveau style other that what we see on our first leg – the Four Seasons Hotel (former Gresham Palace)? Here we will have a look to the exteriors as well as the amazing interiors.

Our next stop is the Hungarian House of Secession. In its beautiful café we will have a chance for a small break and a friendly chat in front of a drink.

The tour continues with one of the very first Art Nouveau buildings of Budapest – the Walkó House. Here, I will also mention you a reference to the story of Paradise.

To be honest, the next stop is my favourite one – the Hungarian State Treasury (former Royal Postal Savings Bank). I adore this building with its colorful rooftop. Here I will share with you stories about the designer Mr. Ödön Lechner, known as the “Hungarian Gaudí”.

To make the tour even more interesting, I will also show you the Ráth György Villa, which is the most gorgeous Art Nouveau museum of Budapest. Here we have a look to Viennese, French, British and, most importantly, Hungarian Art Nouveau style.

The coronation of our tour is the Kőrössy Villa; I think here you will definitely notice the love and the passion that was put in its creation by the architect Mr. Albert Kőrössy.

Price and additional details

  • The tour begins at 10:30 am, but I can be flexible about timing. The meeting point is in front of the Four Seasons Hotel. Click here to see on the map.
  • The price of the tour is unique 35 Euro per person. The price includes the ticket for the Ráth György Villa.
  • The tour duration is 3 hours. The sightseeing is done on foot and it also includes public transportation (by metro).

Final word…

In many cases, Art Nouveau buildings are hidden treasures of Budapest. If you follow my lead throughout this journey, I can assure that you will get an unexpected outlook of this vibrant city.

Memories have always been important to me. Therefore, I believe they are for everyone; by the end of our tour, I think you will have a cherishable and unforgettable experience in a long time 🙂