#2 Art Nouveau Tour in Budapest

The tour starts with an introduction to the Art Nouveau design and how it gained popularity in Hungary and internationally. The idea behind this introduction is to get you acquantied with its nature.


Troughout the tour, we have six stops:

  • Keleti Railway Station (inside view)
  • Róth Miksa Memorial House (inside view)
  • Coffee break in Anna Café (inside)
  • Thonet House (outside view)
  • Párisi Passage (inside view)
  • Liberty Bridge and Gellért Hotel & SPA (inside view)

The first stop is Keleti Railway Station. This POI, even though is not representative for the Art Nouveau style, it’s worth having a look at. Keleti Railway Station symbolises the wealth of the 19th century. It was an era that foreran the Art Nouveau style in Hungary.

The next leg is the memorial house of Mr. Róth Miksa. He was one of the finest stain glass makers in the 19th century’s Hungary. He created wonderful windows for the Hungarian Parliament in Budapest, as well as for the Four Seasons (Gresham Palace) and the Saint Elisabeth Parish Church!

The third stop of our trip is a coffee break in the Anna Café. It is located on the fashion street – Váci utca.

Thonet House represents the next POI of our trip. It is located right nearby Anna Café. This building features a stunning design by the famous “Hungarian Gaudí”, Mr. Ödön Lechner. He was the promoter of pirogranit architecture that gives the bright blue colour of the walls.

On the fifth leg we will have a look at the Párisi Passage. This construction was initially a shopping arcade and now hosts a five stars hotel line. Here we will see one of the fanciest cafes in Budapest.

On the way to our last POI – Gellért Hotel & SPA, we cross the Liberty Bridge which showcasts an authentic, beutifully designed Art Nouvea style. Gellért Hotel is an outstanding Art Nouveau building. The interiors give breathtaking views.